Submission Guidelines

PTA VPs and Committee Chairs:

Instructions are below for inclusion in the McGaughConnect weekly email. Please send the following in a single email:

Title (brief)

Description (100 words max, paragraph format)
Title & description should be typed directly into your email & not included as an attachment. Please note you must write your own text as you would like it to appear; do not simply send a flyer.

For continuity, dates like “October 1st & 2nd” will be changed to “October 1 & 2″; please do not use all caps; some slight editing of your submission may occur.

Attachments (optional):
flyer(s) (PDF if possible with “friendly” names: MyEvent.pdf and not flyerdraft2.pdf)

Submission & Deadline
Send by 5:00 Friday to mcgaughpta at to be included in the following Monday morning McGaughConnect email. You do NOT need to cc the principal/assistant principal or get prior approval for your submission. A complete draft of the McGaughConnect will be approved each week before sending.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact mcgaughpta at If you have any questions about content, please feel free to ask your VP.

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